Saturday, April 19, 2014

Launching a New Book - God Called - He Needs Your Decision!

Do you have even a few hours available to help make a difference for the kingdom? 

As we launch this new book, I wonder if you'd pray about helping get God Called into the hands of many more Christians.  

Do you have even a few hours available to help make a difference for the kingdom?  I wouldn't ask for your help if this was a money making venture.  I make a fine living as a marketing consultant, and have no concern about whether this book loses money (current status) or eventually provides some help in sending my youngest son to college.

Rather, this book, like all the other books I've written, was created to help folks prosper.  Most of my other books are about running small businesses.  This one is about another kind of prosperity - Kingdom riches.  The Bible clearly says that if you do the things laid out in this book, you will be blessed on earth and later in heaven.  Early readers are already talking about their blessings:

If a baby were born and failed to thrive, the family would rightly consider it a great tragedy. When a Christian is born and fails to thrive, however, many people don’t notice. God Called—He Needs Your Decision! by Randy Kirk is an invitation to Christians to thrive. It is a spiritual counterattack to the widespread misconception that “being” a Christian is a passive state. Randy invites Christians to “do” Christianity.

Katherine Harms, Editor

“I started attending church again after reading God Called  JS

“I read the first few chapters of God Called but couldn’t go on.  Too convicting” TB

“After reading half of God Called, I started making big changes.” CC

Even as a Pastor sometimes we can lose focus on what it really is to be a
true disciple of Christ.

I would recommend it to any Pastor or leader of a church
Great Stuff!

Robert Hill - Administrative Pastor
Core Church Los Angeles

When asked to read a copy of God Called I readily agreed, but was duly surprised at the impact the contents had on my own thinking and life. Being in an active ministry with my husband, I know what sacrifice and hard work means, and thought I knew what giving all to Christ meant. Yet I was convicted by the words that proved to me: to be a true disciple of Christ, one must be perfectly willing to do God’s will, to accept humbleness as part of their life and to choose to live this way with no strings attached. God’s will is my will.

I sincerely encourage all Christians to read and act on Kirk’s book, God Called—He Needs Your Decision! Well, done, Mr. Kirk. You’ve given readers a powerful book.

Carole Brown author The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman

God did not call a specific group of people to discipleship - the young, the mature, the outgoing.  He called all of us to become disciples, disciplined ones, ready to listen and follow where He leads. My first reaction when I hear this  message is to duck my head in condemnation, knowing I am not living up to this commandment. However, in his new book, God Called—He Needs Your Decision!, author Randy Kirk immediately moves toward the positive possibilities that can lead to major advances in our lives and purpose.

Just reading the first few pages, God spoke a quick word to me, setting me free from years of bondage to what people will think of me if I follow Jesus full out. Using Randy's simple steps of faith, this is a must-read for your next step in growing in grace.

Cheryl Colwell   author  The Secrets of Montebellis and The Proof

The Psalmist tells us that deep calls unto deep . . . Take the plunge into
the River of Life with Randy Kirk's newest book, God Called—He Needs Your Decision! and drink deep from the well that never runs dry.  Find keys to intimacy with Father, Son, and Holy
Spirit hidden in plain sight.  Come away refreshed and longing for more of Him.

Michael J. Webb, Bestselling Author of The Master's Quilt

Are you hungering for a closer walk with God? Do you realize that you need something more than what you have in your spiritual life? Then God Called by Randy Kirk is the book for you to read.

From the first chapter this book caught my attention. Filled with nuggets of wisdom and the instructions and encouragement to step out in faith for a fuller walk with God, this book carefully points out what it takes to go a little further in your daily life: to become a true disciple of Christ. Easy? Not at all. But for a very real sense of satisfaction in knowing you’re doing what you’re suppose to do at the right time in your life, becoming a disciple of Christ will give you a peace and fulfillment from a choice and decision that you must make. Excuses abound plentifully, no matter what age you are, to prevent one from praying the prayer of discipleship, and yet it all depends on your desire and willingness: are you willing to become humble and forsake all to follow Christ?

Kirk’s scriptures drive home his points and his knowledge in the topic is outstanding. His examples and quotes and expounding pinpoints the problems individuals have, the cost many will have, and the solutions to a life of happiness.

I heartily recommend this book for all serious Christians!

Katherine Harms

What can you do to help?!?

1.  Buy a copy.  Spend around $2 for the Kindle edition. This will help Amazon rankings and thereby increase the book's visibility.  Of course, I hope you'll read it and get an amazing blessing, too!  (the book will also be available in print by mid May and audio by early June.  They will cost a bit more).

2.  Tell every Christian you know.  This book isn't for those who don't believe.  They wouldn't get it.  There are other great books for them.  This is actually a book for mature believers.  Tell them about the book by email, in person, on Facebook, Twitter, or any other way you spread the word.

3.  Recommend that your church bookstore offer God Called.  If members of your church read and act on this book, their blessing will extend to the church.  Sold out disciples can create amazing results in any church.

4.  Here's a really big one - Review the book on Amazon.  That would be a massive help.

5.  If you do those four things and you want to help even more, send me your email, and I am positive we can find a way for you to expand your impact.  Send it to


Lorilyn Roberts said...

I read this book and hope every Christian who wants to be a true follower of Jesus Christ does the same. I was convicted of the need to change some things in my life, encouraged that I could, and now long more than ever for greater intimacy with God.

Janis Cox said...

Certainly well worth the time to read, study and pray about what Randy has written.
Thanks for a great book,