Tuesday, September 09, 2014

King of the Trees by William Burt 25% Off on September 18 ONLY!

Book I in the "King of the Trees" allegorical series by William D. Burt.
WINEPRESS PUBLISHING: 1st edition, 1998; 2nd edition, 2004.
(Softcover; 233 pages. Ill. by Terri Lahr and Rebecca Burt.) Includes glossary and pronunciation guide at the back for easier reading.

What do an old wooden box, a jeweled pendant and some mysterious, green-garbed strangers share in common? When Rolin son of Gannon sets out to solve this riddle, his adventures take him worlds beyond the walls of his little log cabin in the mountains. With the help of some grumpy griffins and a long-lost prophecy, Rolin and his friends battle a fiendish foe and his underworld army; deadly snake-trees; dragons, and other mythological creatures. On their perilous quest for the fabled Isle of Luralin and the Tree of Life, they must trust the King with their very lives. In the end, they learn that "The greatest help oft comes in harm's disguise to those with trusting hearts and open eyes."
The King of the Trees will enchant readers young and old, especially those who love trees and the Tree-Maker.


Amazon.com Reviewer: “Leslie"—5 stars

"Great reading for ALL AGES"
"If you've read The Chronicles of Narnia and are looking to other similar great reads for yourself or your family, please consider reading the "King of The Trees" series. I can't actually remember how I happened upon this book. I bought it for myself, and it sat beautifully on a shelf for a whole year in my home. Then, on a cold day in Texas, I grabbed this book and a blanket and sat down by the fire— and found myself completely enjoying Book One of the "King Of The Trees” series. My kids caught me reading it, and then the tug-of-war was "on" to see who would get to read it next. My 13-year-old-son stayed up all night to read it and has asked for more books. (I ordered AUTOGRAPHED COPIES from this treasure-trove of books through the author’s "King of the Trees" website). I highly recommend ordering through the author's website. When I contacted him about teaching his books as part of a middle-school or high-school-aged class I hope to begin, I learned an activity book was available. The author is a very kind man. When I was charged too much for something, Mr. Burt wrote me a personal check as reimbursement (which is why I recommend ordering through the "King of The Trees" website). Do yourself, your students, and your classrooms a favor—purchase this book, study it, enjoy it!
Amazon.com Reviewer: Kelly Andersen—5 stars

“An Imagination Inspirer all will Love"
"This is a wonderful book that you and your children will absolutely love. We read this every night together before going to bed and every night I was begged if we could read just one more chapter. This imaginative book will draw you and your children in and you will love the characters you come to know... I highly recommend this book and we are anxiously awaiting another to follow. May your sythan-ar ever flourish!”
Amazon.com Reviewer: “Amy"—5 stars

"Awesome book! Perfect Book to read.”
"I have loved this book ever since I got it. It is fascinating and the author provides great descriptions for settings and characters in his book. Another great thing about it is that William D. Burt puts Christianity in his series. For any home-school mom looking for something for her kids to read, this is a great choice. If you are just looking for something to read, I recommend this book and the series.”
Amazon.com Reviewer: “A Customer"—5 stars

“A wonderful book for all ages! Got to read this one!
"This book is by far better than C.S. Lewis's "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." I read this book to my four-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter. They loved it as much as I did! Each character is developed well, and the plot surpasses any that we have read this year. If you only read one book, please let it be this one. This is the perfect gift for any age, expecially pre-teen and teen. These days, they seem to be hungry for the drama and excitement that each chapter is filled with. Rolin's adventure to find himself as well as his purpose leads him to discover not only a world that he did not know existed all around him, but also how important he is to that world and others. Do you have a synth-ar? When you finish this book, please write to me and share your thoughts. 'May your leaves never wither.'”