Sunday, April 02, 2006

Will Biofuels be George Bush's #1 Legacy Item

During the last State of the Union address, and on several earlier occassions, President Bush has been pushing hard on oil from corn or ethonal. I thought this was the least likely of the potential approaches to make any dent in our dependence on fossil fuels. Until now.

If you can find a way to listen to the John Batchelor show on the radio, I would highly recommend it. One way is streaming audio here. Of all the talk shows on the radio, I learn more from this show than any other. He doesn't just hit the topic of the day. He goes where others don't. Tonight, he was talking about the fact that Brazil has now largely converted its cars to flexfuels. They run on 85% sugar based ethonal. 77% of new cars are sold ready to run full flex.

In the US, all new cars run on 10% ethonal, but you can buy cars that will run on E85 flex fuel, or you can buy a conversion kit to turn your car into a flex fuel user. E85 gas isn't available everywhere yet, but it is widely coming available.

Here are some other links for your interest. I figured my next car would be a hybrid, but now I'm wondering about changing the current one to E85.


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