Friday, January 05, 2007

Some Folks Don't Read the Comments

Casual readers of Blogs commonly don't comment, and even fail to read the comments of those who do leave behind their take on the blogger's posts. This is missing most of the fun. Currently on this page in the 10 or so previous posts, there are over 100 comments. Most of them come from one fellow who is a bit out of control, so it is kind of educational to see how some folks act in public, even when they get called on it.

However, for any of you who are passionate about God and the importance of having a clear understanding of the arguments for and against belief in God (apologetics), the post below, Evidence For the Existence of God, and the comments that are attached provide a great read. So great that they will now be taken one-by-one and turned into threads of their own, both on this site and my new blog The God vs No God Debate.

Now, this will take some time, so don't expect it all at once. However, the new blog will have a very substantial body of material not found on this one. I am also going to invite some good friends who have a bit more "standing" than I do to come help with both sides of the debate. Don't know who will agree to do so, but the more folks come and get involved the more likely it is we can get some real substance going. It is not the goal of this blog to finally answer any of the major issues in a way that will satisfy 100% of the people. Can't be done. It is the goal of the new blog to give those who dig into it, refreshing new insights into the subject. That, I can assure you, will be done. I have been studying this subject for 22 years or longer, and just in the past two weeks have found treasure troves of ideas that I have never seen in print previously. Some of those will be appearing as early as tomorrow in the new blog.

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