Tuesday, April 23, 2013

God Wants to Have a Conversation With You

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Ian Holm as Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would You Like to Hear from God?

I would like to invite you on a journey.  Not unlike Bilbo Baggins, the journey is also an adventure.  I will encourage, but never coerce you to take this journey, but I believe that I can promise you only good will come from it.  On the other hand, on the way to gaining that good, there could easily be trials, danger, choices that seem impossible to make, and obstacles that seem insurmountable.  Just like for Bilbo Baggins.

Since you will be seeking to hear from God and ultimately to find out His will for you, or His calling for your life, the Devil is very likely to make an effort to stop you.  The last thing that the Devil wants is for Christ followers to start actually doing the will of the Father, imitating the life of the Son, or being filled by the Holy Spirit.

This was the orignian first chapter of a book that has been created here on this blog. It is now the second chapter, but more importantly,  The book will be available on Amazon.com April 26 under the title God Called - He Needs Your Decision!  This will be the Kindle edition.  The print edition will follow approximately May 15, and the audio is slated for availability around June 1. 

The rest of the book was available free for almost a year, but has now been removed.  It is my hope that you will truly enjoy the book and that it will bless you.  Some have already reported their thoughts about the book.  

Serious Disciples of Jesus should read God Called - He Needs Your Decision!  because, according to one reviewer:

If a baby were born and failed to thrive, the family would rightly consider it a great tragedy. When a Christian is born and fails to thrive, however, many people don’t notice. God Called—He Needs Your Decision! by Randy Kirk is an invitation to Christians to thrive. It is a spiritual counterattack to the widespread misconception that “being” a Christian is a passive state. Randy invites Christians to “do” Christianity.

Katherine Harms, Editor

Are you ready to ratchet up your devotion to God and Jesus to the next level?
God Called - He Needs Your Decision! is perfect for you

Do you sometimes feel stuck in your walk and desire to be of greater service?
God Called was written for Christians just like you

Are you the first to sign up for any seminar that teaches how to find out God’s will for your life?
The pathway to that answer for you is one click away.

Other early reviews:

Even as a Pastor sometimes we can lose focus on what it really is to be a
true disciple of Christ.

I would recommend it to any Pastor or leader of a church
Great Stuff!

Robert Hill - Administrative Pastor
Core Church Los Angeles

God did not call a specific group of people to discipleship - the young, the mature, the outgoing.  He called all of us to become disciples, disciplined ones, ready to listen and follow where He leads. My first reaction when I hear this  message is to duck my head in condemnation, knowing I am not living up to this commandment. However, in his new book, God Called—He Needs Your Decision!, author Randy Kirk immediately moves toward the positive possibilities that can lead to major advances in our lives and purpose.

Just reading the first few pages, God spoke a quick word to me, setting me free from years of bondage to what people will think of me if I follow Jesus full out. Using Randy's simple steps of faith, this is a must-read for your next step in growing in grace.

Cheryl Colwell   author  The Secrets of Montebellis and The Proof

The Psalmist tells us that deep calls unto deep . . . Take the plunge into
the River of Life with Randy Kirk's newest book, God Called—He Needs Your Decision! and drink deep from the well that never runs dry.  Find keys to intimacy with Father, Son, and Holy
Spirit hidden in plain sight.  Come away refreshed and longing for more of Him.

Michael J. Webb, Bestselling Author of The Master's Quilt

Randy Kirk, in his latest book, God Called—He Needs Your Decision, shows a great gift for telling his story from with the crowd.  He lets the power of the principles exert the authority.  He walks alongside other disciples and points to the principles. 

The solid structure and content of the book attract and pull the reader toward growth.  Kirk’s personal narratives are like stories shared around the fire.  He and the reader work through all the same problems, and both he and the reader experience the successes and the failures, making each very real to the reader. 

Katherine Harms

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