Thursday, August 29, 2013

Christian Book Review: Kevin Mark Smith's "Flashback"

"Flashback" by Kevin Mark Smith
"Flashback" by Kevin Mark Smith

Kept Me Guessing Until the Very End - Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Christian Themed

Spoiler Alert!  There is nothing I can tell you about "Flashback" that won't ruin this crazy (I can't say it or it would give too much away)thriller, romp through multiple XXXX, and even includes a romance with an XXXXX. 

I can tell you that I prefer to be very regimented about my sleep, going to bed at the same time every night.  "Flashback" got in the way of my discipline.  If I had possessed a physical book, I would call it a page turner.  Having a digital version, I suppose we need to come up with a new description.  Page clicker?

Author Kevin Mark Smith is an attorney.  So it may not be surprising that Smith brings some legal issues into his inaugural novel.  So we have criminal investigations, corporate shenanigans, smart lawyers, outstanding PI's, dead bodies, bombs, chases, romantic interludes, spiritual interventions, and so much more. 

Some books are easily compared to others.  Some authors are easily pegged.  I really can't think of any book I've read which brings more complexity to the story, yet does it in such a way as you can "almost" always follow it.  I say the almost part with kindness.  I lesser author who had the same wild imagination could have easily confused his audience beyond hope of redemption. 

Like any good Christian novel, you have a chance to think about the implications of the actions, failures, and successes of the characters.  But for those who prefer a light touch on the morality play aspect, Smith delivers here, too.  There is no doubt where Smith stands, and there is a great message, but it is not delivered with a sledge hammer.  And the message never requires deviating from the natural feel of the circumstances. 

Flashback has only been out a couple of days, and is available on Amazon.

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