Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spiritual Sensitivity, Connectedness, and Burdon Bearing - Book Review


"The Mystery of  Spiritual Sensitivity:  Your Practical Guide to Responding to Burdens You Feel from God's Heart" by Carol A. Brown

Carol Brown didn't write this book for me, or at least I'm pretty certain of that.  I am a rescuer to some extent, but my inclinations are based more on a desire to see improvements in folks who have great potential.  I think it would be rare for me to come along someone to support them in their distress or even victory just because I felt God's call for me to do so.

Carol Brown wrote "The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity" for those who have a gift of spiritual connectedness to others, a hyper intuition, something akin to extra sensory perception.  She makes it clear that this is not new age, not charismatic.  In fact she has specific instructions to protect those who have this gift from using it inappropriately in ways that can create harm.  

I own a degree in Psych from UCLA and have studied and undergone testing for ESP in 40 years ago.  I have very close friends and family members who are charismatics, though I am mainstream Baptist in that regard.  On the other hand, I believe the Bible is clear about the spiritual world, and I conclude that Carol has supported her thinking theologically quite well.  

That long introduction brings me to the following:  This book does what it was intended to do for those with varying degrees of spiritual sensitivity who need help and guidance to use it appropriately and keep burden bearing from becoming destructive to the individual or their family.  But Carol may not be aware that the book speaks strongly to those who are not gifted about how they might at least become "normal" in their ability to get in sync spiritually with those in their life.

Here is my synopsis of her message to people like me who do not have a gift of spiritual empathy:

Pray to be more in tune with the actual underlying needs of those you care for or about.  When you become aware of a need, intercede and ask God for wisdom, healing, etc.,  then let it go.  It is now for God to do what God chooses to do in His time.  Then be available to hear from the HS for more directions if any.  You may be needed to be continuing to pray or to take some other action.  But you should not take action unless clearly called to do so.

My belief is that this is a book that 70% of Christians could get huge insights from reading and digesting.  Word of warning:  The first 40 pages are heavy sledding.  Hang in there.  You may feel you aren't really getting it.  It will become clear.  Don't be discouraged.  

Some books that challenge us to action seem smart and I might resolve to take the ideas to heart, only to find that days or weeks later, the concepts are forgotten.  This book is such a shift in my way of thinking, and so obviously correct, that I am working diligently to build up my skill in spiritual sensitivity, much like I might build up my skill in praying or giving. 

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