Friday, February 14, 2014

Have You Had A Clear Call from God?



Did You Hear Still Small Voice?  Nudge? Angel?  Vision? 

I am writing a book on the subject of "Hearing God's Voice."  Various Christian writers, preachers, and other luminaries have indicated a wide range of opinion about the possibilities of how that might happen and also a very diverse set of personal experiences of how they had personally heard from God. 

Recently, Bill O'Reilly received some notoriety by telling "60 Minutes" that he had been inspired to write "Killing Jesus" and others of his works as a result of being awakened by the Holy Spirit with the idea for the next work.

Some speak of carrying on a conversation with Jesus.  Others say that any communication with the Lord that is even remotely like a voice isn't Biblically sound communication. 

I would appreciate your own personal experience of how this works.  If you have been sold out in a way that most Christian's don't ever experience, you are of special interest to this request.  Was your original decision to answer His call on your life something you could share?  Do you "hear" from God regularly?  Does this communication come in different ways?  Without turning this into a need for something "experiential," would some of these callings be more "supernatural" as opposed to nudges or leadings?

If you have the time and/or inclination to respond, I would like to be able to use your response in the text of my book, cover content, or to publicize the book.  I am reaching out to many other Christians  and would love to have your views represented.

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