Friday, June 06, 2014

Best Father’s Day Present Ever


Bless your dad with a gift that may be remembered for a lifetime

My wife and kids have complained for many years that I am impossible to buy for. I suppose that is common for many dads, and I, personally, am prone to spontaneously purchase anything I really want, depriving them of many options. On the other hand I have been very clear that I will always be pleased with:
    •    Dark chocolate
    •    Books
    •    and Toys

You would think that would give them a good start, but they insist that there is no surprise when the choices are so limited. I must say in my defense, I really, really like dark chocolate, books, and toys. Therefore, surprise me with unique chocolates, books I’m not asking for but which you believe will knock my socks off, and toys that we can laugh about together.

My oldest daughter Christian and her husband Nathan got the memo. They had read a book that had been very meaningful to them, and they wanted to bless me with the inspirational and transformational content they had appreciated. So among my Christmas gifts in 2012 was a short volume from a gifted New York preacher who has become a major force for the church. The book was King’s Cross and the author was Tim Keller.

Through this masterfully crafted work I was able to chase away the last vestiges of sinful self indulgence that had plagued me during a few dark years of one thing after another. This same daughter had said that I was “like a Country Western song. Even my trusty old dog had died.”

That book moved me so much that my smoldering cinders were fanned into a raging fire for Jesus. Out of that change of heart and mind, my own book was born. The goal in writing that book was to admonish and encourage lukewarm or stuck Christians into full surrender to the will of Christ in their lives. God Called was just released in Kindle.

God Called - He Needs Your Decision! would be a perfect book for your dad this father’s day. At just over 100 pages, it was designed specifically for men, though as is usually the case, more women have read it at this point than men. 

It would also be a perfect companion piece as a set with Keller’s work, also available on Kindle or in print. What could be more important to your dad than to help him improve his walk with Jesus? What would be more important to the rest of the family or to the kingdom at large? Let us know in the comments how it turned out.

You will find God Called here  and King's Cross here