Thursday, January 27, 2005

Randy Alcorn

Having just completed an extensive review of Googles' listings for Randy Alcorn and his many writings, it seems as if nobody reviews his work. Moreover, unlike other popular Christian writers, nobody is criticizing him in chat rooms or blogs. Thus I will undertake to do some reviewing of his books over the next few days. Be forewarned that I am his biggest fan. After reading THE EDGE OF ETERNITY, I called his ministry, ordered 10 copies, and passed them out to my friends and members of the elders of our church. Therefore, if you are the sort who reads reviews to watch the bloodletting, it won't be from me. Of course, there may be responses that take issue with my devotion.

First a few general comments. First, I did not choose Randy as a favorite because of our names. Second, sometimes it takes a while to get fully involved in his books. A few of my friends don't even like his writing style. Most do. Third, Randy is one of the most versatile writers I've read. His fiction includes works about inner city race relations, the Chinese underground churches, adult male bonding, and teenagers coming of age. Then he adds non-fiction on finances, abortion, and heaven. Somehow, he carries it off.

My next post on Randy Alcorn will be a review of THE EDGE OF ETERNITY.

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Vicki said...

Hi Randy!

Just wanted to say that I've only recently discovered Randy Alcorn for myself...and presently reading that big book of his on "Heaven." It's wonderful. Will definitely be reading others works by Alcorn--thanks for mentioning him.

Great blogging!