Thursday, January 20, 2005

What To Do About Global Warming - Really!

No matter how many really talented scientists say it, we will never really know whether or not man is even a fractional participant in weather patterns. While not even remotely an expert in the area, my reading would lead me to the logical conclusion that the earths weather seems to be relatively self healing even with regard to natural catastrophes and biological contributors other than man.

On the other hand, there is at least a chance that the one degree of temperature increase over the last century is really the beginning of a trend. It may even be that we could have increases of three or more degrees in the next century, whether or not man contributes negatively or tries to intervene in some way to circumvent such an outcome. Historical evidence seems pretty conclusive that we have endured (or maybe enjoyed) periods where the earth was quite a bit warmer than now.

From this I would conclude that science is spending their resources on the wrong questions. Rather than try to determind man's contribution and/or man's response to global warming, it would seem we should be studying the most likely consequences of warming, and what we should do to prepare for such a future. In other words, if we continue to work only on how we might stop the warming, and we are unable to, we may run short of time and resources to wisely respond.

If we can get agreement on this course of action, please don't turn the task over to the UN.

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