Sunday, February 13, 2005

Things That Can Change Everything

In the land of journalism and punditry everybody is seeking the next big story or trying to unearth ideas that might lead to change in areas that are important to the writer or at least to their perception of what is important to their audience. No one who takes the time to create content for an audience is planning to write something unimportant. Having stated what should be obvious, most of what is produced, in fact the vast majority of what is produced, is not very important.

It is true that small changes in small issues might accumulate to produce important changes. Therefore, minor pushing by opinion makers on minor issues has its place. However, there are some really substantial issues that don’t get much ink. That is until someone bold enough and persistent enough to make it their cause celebre, gets the issue to the forefront. President Bush is doing that with the concept of freedom. He has raised that fundamental aspect of the human condition to a place where the thinkers of today are almost forced to take sides and produce new ideas or new ways of stating old ones.

I think it would be interesting to compile a list of those things that have the power to change everything. Once having compiled the list, or even as it is being compiled, those who have PASSION for one or more topics might find a significant call on their life to research, analyze and pontificate on that subject. With the size and scope of the blogosphere (is there a short way to say blogosphere?), amazing results might be produced.

Personally, while I may find plenty to contribute in a wide variety of subjects, my contribution to this list is SEX. Over the next weeks I will be posting some articles at this URL that might not be popular, but I will contend that sex is at least in the top three things that motivate people, and may be number 1. I’m not going to list my ideas for the other contenders for top three or top twenty here, because I’m hoping we will have a few thousand contributions from others who know way more about it than I do.


Anonymous said...

Sure, everything humans do is directly tied to sex. We're biological creatures.

Anonymous said...

That last comment was by me, Michael Williams.

Randy Kirk said...

The fact that we are biological wouldn't narrow the field much on things that can change everything. So Air, food, gravity, communication, and on and on.

So one could argue that air can change everything, and we do spend some serious energy trying to insure a clean air supply. Air is not likely, however to "change everything" in the way that sex can. I'll be posting more on sex later, but would love to hear other ideas on leading contenders for what can change everything.

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