Sunday, May 29, 2005

Deadline by Randy Alcorn

Who knew? This simple little story is well written enough that had it not been “Christian” it would probably have been picked up by a solid publisher. Deadline is a very good piece of fiction. You’ll like the characters, although I think men will like the characters better than women. You’ll be intrigued by the story line. You’ll want to know who did it? (Or is that dunnit?) You won’t want this book to end.

But then there’s this twist. Any other fine Christian or secular fiction will see the story from the point of view of the author, the protagonist, another character in the story, or the narrator. In this case you get that normal part, but thrown in for free, you get another view from . . . scroll down for the answer : ) Heaven.

Randy begins to show his spots in this early mystery novel. His great interest in Heaven shows up through many of his books, culminating in his recent release of HEAVEN. But here we are part of the ongoing drama in heaven as those over there watch the drama that’s going on over here. This unique effect is much fun for a while, but I have to admit to being more interested in the doings on terra firma after a while than I was regarding the heavenly response. Don’t know if that has any deeper meaning. I’ll be interested to hear if others had that reaction.

Deadline is a great Read. Wonderful intro for this reader into the worlds of Randy Alcorn.

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