Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hope You Noticed

A writer's/blogger's greatest fear is that if he quits writing, no one will even care. Sure, I've been pretty much missing in action for a couple of weeks. So far, only my Mom said anything. Hmmm

Actually, as other bloggers have noticed, traffic doesn't necessarily decrease during a writing hiatus. Most folks are coming to see prior posts on dark chocolate, global warming, or the reasons why porn is bad for you and all of us. (I suspect some folks who come to about porn are not getting what they thought they were going to get.)

Anyway. I've been busy. Boating at the River. Watching Football (Pro, College, High School, and Flag 10 year-olds). Preparing for Bible Study (Psalms now. Job was very interesting, but its easy to see why people read Psalms more than Job.)

And we are in the political season. Some who know me well might think I'd love to write 1000's of words on the mid-terms. I am still a huge fan of "W", and think history will agree with me. However, I am kind of in a funk with the whole process, especially the biased reporting of the MSM. Did you know that the economy is booming, stock market over 12,000, unemployment at historic lows, oil, gas down? Not if your paper of choice is the LA Times.

Enough about me. How have you been doing?

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