Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Outright Lies Not Helping Kerry

There is a rule in public relations that when you blow it, admit it an apologize quickly. Failing to respond in a timely manner allows your opposition to frame the issue to your disadvantage. Worse than not responding is justifying. Democrats sometimes get away with justifying. Republicans never do. The very worst is to lie about the issue, digging the hole even deeper. If there is any way to make things even more horrible, have some of your friends support you in the lie.

John Kerry, who may have more negative sound bites in the public domain than any other politician living or dead, has managed to lead all the news today with his horribly offensive comment. For the 3 people in the US who have missed it, Kerry stated in clear and uncertain terms that those who are serving in Iraq or those who have failed to achieve academically. He has been called on to apologize by a host of highly respected leaders, but he refuses.

He has tried to say he didn't say what he said. But the entire comment in on YouTube.com and there is no way to make it something it isn't. Some liberal commentators and party leaders have tried to spin the statement, but go listen for yourself.

Moreover, I feel confident that Kerry really believes what he said. He is such a snob and an elitist that his own military service was basically a prerequisite to his political ambitions, not a way to serve his country. Thus it would make sense that he would stereotype our soldiers as those who aren't motivated enough to go to college. Of course, the facts say otherwise. But Kerry, being a liberal, is never constrained by facts.

There are those who are suggesting this might be the very thing that motivates the Republican base and dispirits the marginal Democrats and left leaning independents. I know it has been the first thing in the entire campaign to motivate me. If I'm the canary in the coal mine, maybe this will be the October surprise that the Democrats spring on themselves.

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