Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why I Like George Bush

Can you name another war in history that has accomplished so much with so few casualties as the Iraq/Afghanistan/War on Terror? Sure it has had high dollar costs, but never fail to consider how those costs benefit our troop readiness and improve our military capabilities in equipment, tactics, etc.
Korea is back to six party talks. Even the LA Times admitted today it was due to Bush strategy of cutting of banking to Korea.
Economy CANNOT be better. If it gets better, inflation goes nuts, productivity goes in the toilet, and we head to recession. Even Hubert Humphrey agreed that 4.5 unemployment is full employment. And the economy is doing this well in spite of dot com burst, 9/11, Enron and other scandals, 1990 recession, and war.
Defecit has already been cut in half, 3 years ahead of plan by president.
Fantastic judicial choices.

I could go on, but here is a really amazing fact. Even if Republicans lose 20 seat in House and 7 in Senate, thereby losing control of both, Bush will have done better in his 6-year midterm than almost any two-term president in history. Better than Reagan, Clinton, Roosevelt, etc.

As he has said of himself - misunderestimated. He just needs to stop saying "ta" instead of "to." Has anyone told him that?

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