Monday, November 13, 2006

How Many Ducks Can Land in Your Lake

We used to live in a townhouse complex, and in the center of the grounds, there was a very nice lake. The entire subdivision was built on an old MGM back lot, so this particular lake had been a lake, a river, and even an ocean depending on what the movie-maker might need that day.

Anyway, one day a new sign showed up on the side of our lake. It proclaimed that our lake could only house 5 ducks. We thought this made certain sense, in that there is an issue with duck poop and such. Only later did we start to contemplate the important legal maxim - good laws are those that can be enforced. So, we wondered, how would this law be enforced.

We pictured a flock of feather friends flying overhead and sending out a scout to check out our lake. Upon returning, he signals that five members, and only five can head on down. Naaa, that couldn't be it.

So then we thought maybe they were expecting the local population around the lake to be the enforcers. But we suspected there might be other ordinances against using ordinance to reduce the duck population and increase the duck meat supply in our freezer.

So maybe we were to merely scare away or capture any extra ducks. We were unclear as to how to capture a duck, or what to do with those captured to ensure they wouldn't just head on back. Same issue with scaring them. They hit the clouds for a few minutes until things calm down and then head back to the swimming hole. And how do you scare all but five?

And then, what about swans? We had some. Do they count?

Do any of you have a clue as to how to enforce this law? Does it remind you at all of the issues surrounding illegal immigration?

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