Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Why Do They Come?

You may or may not know that I can see who visits me. Not in great detail, but I can at least see where my visitors have come from. The number one reason folks visit is an article I wrote a while back on Christian Discipline. Now while I would certainly recommend the article (humbly, of course), it isn't the quality of the article that brings folks. It is the subject. And, it isn't that hundreds of people are trying to learn more about Christian discipline. It is actually kind of the opposite. I am getting a 3rd position ranking on Google precisely because there isn't much written on the subject. I get high rankings and lots of visitors based on some of my book reviews of Randy Alcorn, also.

I have written some very substantial articles on Christian apologetics, prayer, and dark chocolate. But lots of writers talk about such things. Thus the rankings are lower. I do get the occasional visitor on dark chocolate, but never on prayer.

So, check out some of the hundreds of articles that are in the archives. I can assure you that there are things that will be life changing on parenting, marriage, and even sex. Maybe one of these days I'll create a table of contents to make it easier to find subjects that are still meaningful today.

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