Thursday, March 10, 2005

Don’t Tell Me What to Do

My management style generally follows the Ronald Reagan school. Hire the best and get out of the way. Even with my children, I only give direction when absolutely necessary, and rarely more than once. Not so with my wife.

Even though Pam is a very capable person, and any who read this and know her are going “Amen,” I am always willing to help her to run any part of her life. And if she doesn’t get it the first time, I won’t shrink from my God-given responsibility to help her by another nudge in the right direction.

Today, my copy of the magazine Marriage Partnership arrived in the mail, and according to the author of a short first person article, I’ve been managing my employees and my kids the right way, and well . . . uhhh. . . maybe not doing such a great job with the wife. Julie Ferwerda and her husband figured out that this micromanagement of one another’s life was not that great for communication and intimacy.

So the recommendation is just cringe and shut up when you see your spouse doing it “wrong” (not the way you would do it.) Shockingly, they would probably get through the day without hurting themselves or others, even without your great advice.

Marriage Partnership magazine is a publication of Christianity today. It comes out quarterly and is generally well worth the $17.95 for the first year. I’m not selling it, just providing the info if it might help out. PO Box 37058, Boone IA 50037

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