Monday, March 28, 2005

OBSESSED by Ted Dekker

Sometimes writers get better as they write more, sometimes they slip into a stock formula and just fill in the blanks. Robert Ludlum for example. Others try to move outside of their strength only to struggle like John Grisham. But while Dekker sticks with adventure, he avoids any formula, and his writing and dramatic flair keep improving.

This work takes us to the horrors of Nazi Germany and the death camps. I have always had a fascination for this time in history, having grown up in the 50’s in a 98% Jewish community. It was all very fresh at that time, and many of my friends had lost relatives in the camps. It seems timely for Dekker to bring this time to mind again as we see the rise in anti-semitism in Europe and even among the American elites in the Colleges.

However, a warning. This book is not for the squeamish. It deals with devilish rituals that are hard to take. I would definitely not suggest this for anyone under 18 . . . maybe even 25. As always, there are several aspects of this work that will touch every life, and there is never a doubt that a sold-out Christian is at the helm of this ship.

Finally, I wouldn’t start here with Dekker. Start with Blessed Child. Work up to this one. I look forward to The Martyr’s Song due out in September, ‘05.

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