Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Best Parenting Book - Help! I’m a Parent by Dr. Bruce Narramore

My undergraduate major was psych with an emphasis in marriage and the family. Since graduation I have kept up with the study of this area by reading every book and article I could find. The last 20 years these books have been largely from Christian authors. It is very difficult for a secular author to provide solid advice to parents since they will base their ideas on the current science. That science has an awful record of changing every few years.

The Bible as a basis for parenting has a much stronger and longer history. Say 7,000 years or so. Even the more recent testament has been unchanged for 2000 years. Of all the books I have seen, Bruce Narramore has done the best job of looking to the scriptures and coming up with one great approach to parenting after another.

Try this paragraph as a for instance:

Loving and mature parents make it easy for children to understand God’s character. But anxious, inconsistent, or domineering parents instill a poor father-image. Children of these parents may see God as distant, unconcerned, punitive, or weak. The exact image depends on the image of the earthly parents.


Any time a child involves us in a power struggle he has won control. Even though we force the right behavior from him, he has manipulated our feelings to the point of anger, fear, or frustration. To a child, this is victory, Whenever a child makes us lose our temper, he has won a victory.

I would love to just go on and on, pointing out the great paragraphs. This book is available in paperback at all the regular places. If you have children from 1-17, buy it today.

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