Thursday, March 24, 2005

Easter Break

It is a time to contemplate and meditate over the death of our precious Lord Jesus for our sins. Then on to the celebration of his glorious rising from the dead and our promised future in heaven with Him. Thank you Lord.

So there will be no new posts until Monday. However, be prepared for a veritable flurry of new stuff. I will be reviewing other books by Randy Alcorn. I will begin a series of reviews of the exciting writer of Christian Fiction, Ted Dekker. I might throw in a couple of other reviews as well.

Also look for a list of the best books about everything. I will need some help here, so I look forward to your comments as we go. However, we will start with best books on parenting, marriage, marital sex, small business, prayer, and end times theory.

Of course there will still be my rants and thoughts about this and that. Hopefully, we will start to weave in some guest appearances.

Have a great Easter.

1 comment:

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