Friday, March 04, 2005

God the "Father"

Have been in a Bible study where we started at the beginning and we are now to 1 Samuel. (after 2 years) A striking thing happens when you go this slowly through God’s Word. You see things you never saw before. For one, I believe that the theme for the first five books is actually “Do as I command so that things will go well with you.” Like any loving parent, He provides instruction, direction, rules, and consequences so that things will go well with His children.

Small children respond to this kind of parenting by trying (most of the time) to please their parents. They also love and adore their parents for their Godlikeness. Could this be why God wants us to come to him as little children? If we love and adore Him so much that we want to do as He tells us, then things will go well with us. Exactly in the way that it works with little children.

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