Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What a Difference 24 Hours Makes

And I don't mean the TV show. So, I have reason to be slightly less optimistic since the Senate is teetering towards Democratic control. I have mixed feelings regarding Rummy. I think he may have been the greatest Sect. of Defense in history. However, new blood my bring new ideas. The Baker commission effect is also in play. The next 30 days may be more politically interesting than the last 30.

Here is more optimism:

Someone is going to get credit for increasing the minimum wage. I hate the minimum wage, but with California heading towards $1.25 higher than the national rate, we need the playing field leveled. This could be the Republican "reason" for getting it done pre Pelosi.

I am a fan of No Child Left Behind. It will now clearly be re-upped. The question is whether the Dems will mess it up by reducing accountability.

Pelosi says she will fully implement the 911 Commission Report. Hats off to her for that. I suspect that when the cost is counted, very little will change, but there is nothing wrong with revisiting this important issue 4 years later.

I have no issue with lowering the interest percent on student loans. Maybe the Republicans could add a rider that Universities receiving Federal Aid of any kind need to have at least one conservative on the faculty.

You already know my feelings on immigration reform.

Now...Is there any chance that we could trade a few important Republican agenda items for support on these issues.

Health care needs reforming ... BADLY! Social Security needs reforming ... REALLY BADLY!!
With a divided government, maybe compromise can be reached. It would be nice to see Bush really stick to his guns like Reagan, even while giving something to the Dems.

Seems unlikely that we will move towards smaller government, lowered taxes, or less regulation of business. But maybe these could be trading pieces.

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