Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Energized Republican Base

If it is one thing I don't want to be, its part of a bandwagon. It is even worse if the reason is all about emotion. But up until Tuesday, I was totally bored with this political season. Oh sure, the idea of Democrats running house committes or picking judges was pretty awful to contemplate. And I like Bush, so I didn't want him hamstrung by Democrat control of either house. But, I admit to being worn out by the process.

Then John Kerry did his miracle. And we all know he meant it. His liberal buddies know he meant it, because they feel the same way. The liberal press knows he meant it, because they are doing everything they can to avoid covering the gaff in any meaningful way.

Drop over to Hugh Hewitt and check out the almost amazing additions to bringing out the Republican base, and none of these were at the hands of Republican tricksters. They are all Democrats doing what Democrats do. Check out the Univeristy President posing with her student at a Holloween party at her home. The student is dressed as a suicide bomber and is acting out hostage killings. Check out a famous lib journalist calling the current US Army the most murderous of all time, and then, like Kerry, say he didn't say it.

Please visit the Hugh Hewitt Website. Mention it in your own blog, pass along the pictures in an e-mail to your list. We need to keep these people out of power. They are hopelessly out of touch, and may get your family killed.

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