Sunday, November 19, 2006

1950's Nostalgia

Went to a '50's party the other night. There were lots of white t-shirts, black leather jackets, poodle skirts, and at least one bee hive hair doo. There were at least two elvis's, plenty of DA's, and more than a few mouths full of bubble gum. These are some of the obvious things. Here were some of the other things that came to mind that night.

No one ever throws a '70's party. Or a '60's party. Or and '80's party. I don't really know anyone who is nostalgic for any of those other era's. I know that I had a great time in all of them, but I was less than thrilled by the cultural aspects of all of them, especially 1966-1975 or so.

We wore taps on our shoes, both boys and girls. I suspect it started as a way to make soles last longer, but shuffled down the halls at school, and thought we were very cool.

Pea Coats were the favorite for winter. But to really be cool, you had to have combat boots.

We spent hours playing a pinball baseball machine. It was a nickle a game. We would build up dozens of free games. So a nickle went a long way.

Baseball cards were for trading and playing games of chance. They came free with a similar size piece of chewing gum.

No boy ever went up to a girl he didn't know or only knew a little bit and asked her to do anything. He passed a note or spoke to someone who would let her know that he was interested. In fact, more often than not, the girl let the boy know of her interest through that same grapevine first.

We smoked grapevines.

At dances, which we had lots of, boys danced with girls, and sometimes girls danced with girls. No boys ever danced with another boy, and no one ever, ever danced alone.

Boys and girls touched each other when they danced, and while it was often pretty exciting to dance with a new girl that way, it wasn't sexual.

The Prom was a very big deal. But not nearly as expensive as today. No thought that there would be any post prom party at a hotel.

What else?

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