Monday, November 27, 2006

Who Talks More - Women or Men?

There is a theory in the news business that "Dog Bights Man" is not a headline worthy of any reporter. So then, how is it possible that this headline Women 'talk three times as much as men'... possibly make the DrudgeReport and the Daily Mail.

This is obvious and well known without any new study being done. I believe, but will not take the time to confirm, that Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus proposed this almost exact difference. The idea was that men use up all their words during the work day, and then head into their cave at night, while the wife still has 1000's of words left to share.

The real proof is in e-mails. I know a couple of men in my life who almost make it a game to see how few words they can use to respond to incoming e-mails. Yes, no, OK, are all common responses from these types. The best was a simple "o," as in Oh! These same men can spin a quick 1000 words or so on sports, politics, and other such subjects. But, unless they are fully engaged, they are the definition of "men of few words."

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