Saturday, November 25, 2006

Just Because It Can Be Said, Doesn't Mean It Should Be Said

There's nothing like the holidays and getting together with relatives to start a few hundred conversations about the relatives that aren't there. . . Not gossip, mind you. . . Uplifting discussions of how their lives are going, and every-one's positive opinions about them.

From time-to-time, however, there is the odd relative who is not doing that well. Opinions are many and varied as to how this person or that one might improve their circumstances, if only .....
Sometimes there is even consensus on a clear cut solution. With such a coming together however on one sure-fire fix for the subject's future, there is left to the group the question of how to communicate the message to the missing relative.

Certainly this dilemma is not reserved for Thanksgiving day. Personally, I might reach conclusions almost daily on how my wife, children, employees, or friends might dramatically alter their behavior to better suit my opinion of how their life should be lived. You might be surprised, dear reader, to learn that I am often willing to share my view.

In discussing such a situation the other day, the words in the title of this post popped into my head. I'm pretty sure someone has said this way before me, but it didn't come up on Google.
For what it's worth, we decided not to share our brilliant idea for this person with her. A small victory.

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