Sunday, November 05, 2006

Whoops! Fact Check Changes Things

There may be others in my almost two years of blogging, but I surely made an error in my post on George Bush the other day. It is true that a loss of 20 seats or so in the house will be better than most two term presidents in their 6th year midterms since the Civil War. It is not true that his stats would be better than FDR, Reagen, or Clinton. Clinton did very well in his 6th year, but was battling back from his disastrous results in '92 and '94. Reagan also did well in year 6. But FDR was the big winner in year 6, even though he had control of both houses already.

On average since WWII, the party in power loses 25 seats in all midterms. If Bush manages to only lose the 12-15 predicted by many, it will be one more big notch in his legacy belt.

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