Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Turning 50

I mention this fellow blogger so often that one might suspect that she's paying me for the advertising. She doesn't. However Norma has a handful of blogs, and has just added a new one for those of us who have entered the age category associated with wisdom.

It has been 8+ years since my friends gathered to give gifts tied with black ribbon, but I do remember that passage more than most. You see, I had an Epiphany. Up until that birthday I simply counted the total number of years God has given me on this earth. Starting at 50 I looked at it the other way. How many years are left.

The good news was that because of good genes, I could easily live into my eighties and be in decent physical and mental health. So I decided to assume 35 years to go. It was an exciting revelation, because it really meant enough time for an entire career...assuming I wanted a new career.

For instance, it could mean retiring and getting involved in some type of charitable activity full-time. It could mean writing for a living instead of making water bottles. The idea opened up a vast panoply of possibilities. Instead of dreading the future, I was filled with hope and expectations.

Eight + years later, I still have 28 years of potential, according to my personal actuarial table. Such an idea continues to be very motivating.

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