Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Drinking Your Lunch - Major Cultural Change

In a time long ago, a time before MAD, and a time when expense accounts were a tax benefit, many, many executives had hard liquor at lunch. I was among them. My first and only boss (after college) would regularly take me and others to lunch. We would consume a dinner-sized meal and at least a double (he Scotch, me Bourbon.) Weighing all of 125 in those days, I would go back to work and be incabable of doing anything of value for the next two hours. Man! How things have changed.

I was reminded of this today, because I hit Jack in the Box for one of their Mint Milk Shakes. The tall version was only $.50 more, so I bought it. A half hour later, I had almost zero interest in doing my tasks at work. Taking a nap would have hit the spot. Man! How things have changed.

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