Monday, November 13, 2006

Prepare Filibusters and Vetoes - Don't Forget Parliamentary Moves

We are beginning to see where the Dems really want to go. Amazing that they are putting it right out there. The ACLU wants us to give Habeas Corpus rights to enemy combatants and disrupt our ability to wire tap incoming terrorist phone calls to their contacts in the US. The Unions and Hillary want to get us going on National Health Insurance. Planned Parenthood is got their snout in the feedbag, saying they should get much more money for their abortion mills at the expense of those who would promote abstinence. These are agenda items that are over and above the get-out-of-Iraq crowd that thinks they should get their way... and the sooner the better.

There will be talking heads who will complain if we use the filibuster and say that we were against it before we were for it. They will do this full-well knowing that our objection was only for the purpose of filibustering Supreme Court and Federal Appeals Ct justices. It was never suggested that the rules be changed regarding legislation. So dust off the filibuster. We will need it.

George Bush hasn't been able to find anything to veto, so he may need to review the rules on this. He will need the veto. Just say no to more abortion spending, nationalized health care, and other such garbage.

The Dems are much better than our guys at parliamentary maneuvers, and are willing to do really nasty moves to keep our stuff from coming to a vote. Lets not be pantywaists this time around. I'm not suggesting that we be obstructionist. But we do need our folks to be tough, tough, TOUGH, and insist on getting our agenda through in trade for the other folks getting some of their hopes met.

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