Monday, November 27, 2006

Jihadists, Islamofascists, Islamists - Whatever You Call Them, They Will Not Go Peacefully

Hezbollah should be providing the entire world with a wake-up call. They do not intend to be denied power. Like Al-Qaeda, the various Palestinian factions, and other similar groups in Europe, Africa, Asia, and here, they have absolutely no concept of morality, ethics, social compact, rules of law, or human decency. There surely must be some historic examples of other societies who were this ruthless, but Attila the Hun, the Mongols, and the Nazis all seemed to at least understand that the stuff you do to others might come back to be used against you.

Given the barbarity of their actions, why do so many continue in their unrealistic belief that there is a way to mollify these animals. Where can we find the evidence where these groups have signed a treaty and then lived up to it. One is reminded of the Russians, but even with the horrors of the pogroms and the gulags, one always sensed that the Russians could be dealt with at some level. Yes, we were concerned that they might try a nuclear first strike. But it just never seemed really likely.

Is that the case today? Do liberals here and in Europe think that Iran's statements are just a bunch of bluff and blunder? Does anyone believe that their hatred for Jews would even be mollified if all Israeli Jews moved to America? Not a chance. These people are fighting for beliefs that we can no longer even contemplate.

We need to wake up before the greatest Nation and civilizing force in history is brought to its knees by an inferior and uncivil horde.

For more on this subject see the excellent post by Hugh Hewitt's guest columnist, Dean Barnett.

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