Saturday, February 24, 2007

Given Enough Time, Science Might Get Things RIght

I've been spending more than few hours debating scientist over at my new blog And in order to do the research, I have also traveled to places like thenogodblog, The Panda's Thumb, and the bronze blog. Most folks in the science world agree that much they propose to know to be true today will be improved on in future days, months, or years. Science is always self-correcting. We can hope it self-corrects for the better. If global ice age vs. global warming is any indication, there is still much work to be done.

Well, if there is one science that is usually the most ridiculed, it is the one I have my degree in, psychology. Freud has been completely discredited, and those who followed fit the claim often made of economists: If you have 10 psychologists in the room, you probably have 11 opinions on any given subject.

I have to say, though, the past few months have seen some remarkable progress in the field. Psychologists first determined that teaching self esteem wasn't working. This was almost my first post on this blog. Then last year a survey revealed that therapists believed that 75% of emotional illness is related to failure to forgive. Both of these are most amazing in that they confirm Biblical teaching.

Now this
from findings of The American Psychological Association:
...the portrayal of girls and young women as sex objects harms girls' mental and physical health - should be addressed at the root cause: the media.
If this were the only finding, it would be amazing enough. But the article goes on:

The saturation of sexualised images of females is leading to body hatred, eating disorders, low self-esteem, depression, high rates of teen pregnancy and unhealthy sexual development in our girl children. It also leads to impaired cognitive performance. In short, if we tell girls that looking "hot" is the only way to be validated, rather than encouraging them to be active players in the world, they underperform at everything else.And all along the "progressives" in this society have believed that it is ok to dress our 12 year- old girls like sluts, allow our 14 year-olds to date adults, and put no restrictions on the tv, movie, or internet habits of our preteens of either sex.
I spent two weeks over at a couple of years ago arguing about the negative effects of porn, an inclination of men to require their dates to do what they have seen on porn. This and the opposite. Women feeling compelled to do what they believe their date likes in porn in order to hold onto them. Most of the folks in the forum thought I was an old fashioned nanny.

Well, the Bible tells us to esteem not ourselves, that our worth comes from God. The Bible says that forgiveness is the key to spiritual cleansing which will lead to a balanced life. The Bible says that we should reserve the sexual aspects of our lives to our mate. Science follows Bible. I like it.

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