Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What Do You FEAR!?!

I would appreciate as many comments on this one as possible. You might even want to post the question on your blogs and get me some additional thoughts on the subject.

The list of possible fears is long and varied, everything from public speaking to spiders and such. However, for the purpose of this survey, I'm looking for the big picture. I will list 10 that I can think of that should set the tone. If these are big for you, let me know. If there are other similar things that are bigger for you, add them.
  1. The US devolving into a dictatorship
  2. The rapture and God's judgment on earth
  3. Hell
  4. Global Warming
  5. Islamic extremism creating global conflict
  6. Nuclear holocaust
  7. Depletion of critical natural resources
  8. The US devolving into a socialist government
  9. Overpopulation
  10. Underpopulation
  11. Too few culturally "Western Civilization" in the population
  12. Pollution
  13. Nuclear power plant catastrophe - or nuclear waste catastrophe
  14. Aliens (from outer space)
  15. Avian flu or similar disease
  16. Scientific advance out of control (e.g. genetic engineering, nanobots, robots with AI)

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