Friday, March 12, 2010

The Truth About the Bible - How Can Anyone Doubt?

Out of one small population of nomadic people has grown three religions that represent over three billion followers.  By some amazing coincidence these three groups continue in the 21st Century after the birth of Christ to conform to Biblical descriptions of them laid down between 2000 and 7000 years ago.

The Jews, probably most remarkably, like no other group on earth, maintain their identity as a "nation" even though they are scattered over and over again throughout history.  They constantly strive to come back to the nation of Israel just as the prophets said they would.  This very small population group has been more reviled and despised than any other group even until today.  They have been destroyed for no other reason but their identity as Jews over and over throughout history, even until today.  And yet they persist.  They neither proselytize nor subjugate anyone into their faith.  And then, as prophesy proclaims in multiple passages, the Jews return to Israel and establish a recognized state.  AMAZING!

The Muslims, which according to the Bible, grew out of the same root as the Jews, but were described by the Bible as being wrong headed, have shown themselves, even until today, to be a religion which grows by fear and subjugation.

The Christians, growing out of the Jewish root, and following the Messiah, Jesus, have almost without exception shown themselves to be an unselfish, forgiving, and peace loving group.  Their growth has come by preaching and conversion through the free will of the individual to choose Christ.

All of this is written and described and has come to pass in a way precisely laid out in the Bible.  The historic elements of the Bible are specific as to names, places, prophesies, and details of both daily life and civilizations.  The potential for non-believing or even believing scholars to find gaping holes in the Biblical account abound due to all of this detail, and yet no such gaping holes are found.  If there could be a major showing of a huge error, hundreds of millions would fall away from the faith.

How can their be any serious doubt that the Bible is divinely inspired?  If it is the Word of God, how can those who believe it so easily disregard it.  This is the great mystery.

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