Sunday, March 07, 2010

Humans Are Stupid, Dumb, Even Insane - Repeat Their Mistakes

Definition of Insanity - Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Back pain, I'm happy to report, is rarely an issue for me.  Chronic back pain even less so.  But a few years ago I did tweak my back in such a way that no amount of rest, heat, vibration, or Motrin seemed to get me any closer to relief.  Then one day I was putting away Diet Pepsi cans on the shelf of my fridge, and I decided not to baby my back.  Instead, I fully stretched my back with each few cans that I lowered to the bottom shelf.  WaLa!  The next day my back felt great. 

Fast forward a couple of years.  The last three weeks (after installing a water heater), my back was not responding to heat, vibration, rest . . . you get the point.  And I have been . . . uhh, babying it.  Has anyone else had a similar experience with their physical issues?

So that those who occasionally stumble across this blog become fully aware of my own insanity, here is a much sadder tale.  In the early '90's I made a decision to seek the face of God through daily devotion and discipline.  I began by immersing myself in the things of God, which by extension, meant divorcing myself from the things of the world.  I stopped listening to news, reading secular magazines or books, and even turned off the TV. 

The results couldn't have been better.  For over ten years my experience with the Lord was nothing short of amazing.  My prayer time was not limited to the hour in the morning, but was rather a constant connection during the day.  My ministries soared as I participated in Men's ministry through Promise Keepers, taught adults, sang on the praise team, wrote a book on teen abstinence, did radio and appeared on the Geraldo show.

Amazingly all of these things were easily accomplished while raising four kids and running a medium sized manufacturing business.  Looking back, it seems impossible.  But I have witnesses.  :  )

One would think that a life that blessed would keep even the dumbest guy on track.  One would be wrong.  Having nothing to do with my work for Jesus, the business began to have troubles in the early '90's.  Many decisions that I made to keep the company from folding were not Godly at all.  But even the desperate and inappropriate decisions were not enough to save the business, and it was sold at fire sale in 2007. 

While conducting myself in a way I knew was not Biblical, I pulled back from ministry.  How could I minister to others while behaving in a way I would never have counseled them to do.  I was pretty sure that God didn't want to help me out or maybe even have much to do with me.  So my prayer time evaporated.  (Of course, I really just didn't want to hear Him tell me to STOP sinning.)

Well, it's now over two years since I sold the business.   I'm not sinning, but my spiritual life reaches about as far as the ceiling (I know.  It isn't original, but it is exactly how it feels.)  But, reaching back to the parallel story about my aching back.  How smart would I have to be to see that I just need to stretch my spiritual muscles and begin to exercise again. 

Are you experiencing anything like this?  Have you fallen into a rut that has a clear answer?  One that has even worked for you before?  But you are plan insane, like me?  I'd love to hear your story.

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