Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Christian Discipline and Hearing the Voice of God - Chapter 5 a

Being Part of a Community of Believers - The Church

One of my favorite churches.  Kihei, Maui

Just how smart are you?  How wise?  How learned?  How mature?  How Spiritually Alive?  Be honest.  God says he wants us to be wise.  He wants us to eat meat and not still live on milk.  He calls us to be zealous, not lukewarm.  He provides us with all the tools to achieve “A’s” in all of the above.  But many who say they are Christ followers claim they don’t need the tools he lays out for us.  “We’re doing just fine,” they say.  

This is part of the 5th chapter in a book that has been created here on this blog.  The book will be available on Amazon.com April 26 under the title God Called - He Needs Your Decision!  This will be the Kindle edition.  The print edition will follow approximately May 15, and the audio is slated for availability around June 1. 

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The rest of this chapter was available free for almost a year, but has now been removed.  It is my hope that you will truly enjoy the book and that it will bless you.  Some have already reported their thoughts about the book.  Early readers report below. 

You’ve made the decision to trust God, follow Jesus, and be indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

But those are only the first decisions that God allows his followers to make.  The Christian experience is a process of making one decision after another.  We make choices about:
    loving God and others
    participating in Christian disciplines
    seeking God’s direction in our daily lives
    being on fire or lukewarm
    desiring to hear God’s specific calling on our life
    opening our heart to actually hear from God

Where are you in the decision process? Do you need a jump start? Here’s what others said:

“I started attending church again after reading God Called  JS

“I read the first few chapters of God Called but couldn’t go on.  Too convicting” TB

“After reading half of God Called, I started making big changes.” CC

Even as a Pastor sometimes we can lose focus on what it really is to be a 
true disciple of Christ.

I would recommend it to any Pastor or leader of a church
Great Stuff!

Robert Hill - Administrative Pastor
Core Church Los Angeles

Author Randy Kirk is a layman who makes his living as a marketing consultant.  He has written this book in hopes of motivating serious Christians to be open to hearing God’s call “Whom shall I send. And who will go for us.” Then respond, as Isaiah did, “Here am I.  Send me.

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christian said...

This is something I've wondered about over the years. I have a relative who attended a famous church for years, and was deeply hurt by some of the practices. She left the church and only attended a local church that was led by her son for many years. When she and her son had theological differences, she stopped attending church altogether, but continues to "meet" with a friend over the phone on a regular basis, and have long discussions about the Bible, current events, and other relevant passages of Scripture.

This is a woman who loves studying her Bible more than anything. She is well into her 80's and doesn't let a day pass without digging deeply into her Bible.

Is she sinning by not being in fellowship at a local church? Is God unhappy with her for not going to a physical church even though she reads her Bible more than everyone I know?

Randy Kirk said...

Anything can be an idol, or a work. God clearly says he isn't interested in our rituals (Zech 7 among others).

In the Zechariah example, the Jews had been fasting twice per year for over 70 years. God asked, "Were you doing it for ME?" The test is whether fruit is the result. Plus, the person can make a sincere evaluation of their motives.

For instance, if I am isolating myself from others because I can't get along, there is something wrong. There is likely a pride issue.