Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Do You Want to Hear God's Voice - Part 2

Intimacy and Love of God and Others - The Foundation

I personally struggle with two words more than any other in the English language.  Intimacy and love.  This has a certain irony in that I've believed myself to be in love a bunch of times, especially as a teenager.  I even wrote a paper on the subject in high school that had to be read aloud.  I was quite impressed with it, actually.  But my classmates laughed until they cried as I turned red as a beat during the recitation.  

However, in the last months I have begun to get a tiny grasp on each, and thankfully it has come during a time of getting reacquainted with God.  This after a period of frustration with His allowing a very rough patch in my world.  

Read how this journey developed

This is a section of a new book that has been created here on this blog.  The book will be available on April 26 under the title God Called - He Needs Your Decision!  This will be the Kindle edition.  The print edition will follow approximately May 15, and the audio is slated for availability around June 1.  

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The rest of this chapter was available free for almost a year, but has now been removed.  It is my hope that you will truly enjoy the book and that it will bless you.  Some have already reported their thoughts about the book.  

Serious Disciples of Jesus should read God Called - He Needs Your Decision!  because, according to one reviewer:

If a baby were born and failed to thrive, the family would rightly consider it a great tragedy. When a Christian is born and fails to thrive, however, many people don’t notice. God Called—He Needs Your Decision! by Randy Kirk is an invitation to Christians to thrive. It is a spiritual counterattack to the widespread misconception that “being” a Christian is a passive state. Randy invites Christians to “do” Christianity.

Katherine Harms, Editor

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Other early reviews:

Michael J. Webb, Bestselling Author of The Master's Quilt

Randy Kirk, in his latest book, God Called—He Needs Your Decision, shows a great gift for telling his story from with the crowd.  He lets the power of the principles exert the authority.  He walks alongside other disciples and points to the principles. 

The solid structure and content of the book attract and pull the reader toward growth.  Kirk’s personal narratives are like stories shared around the fire.  He and the reader work through all the same problems, and both he and the reader experience the successes and the failures, making each very real to the reader. 

Katherine Harms

Are you hungering for a closer walk with God? Do you realize that you need something more than what you have in your spiritual life? Then God Called by Randy Kirk is the book for you to read.

From the first chapter this book caught my attention. Filled with nuggets of wisdom and the instructions and encouragement to step out in faith for a fuller walk with God, this book carefully points out what it takes to go a little further in your daily life: to become a true disciple of Christ. Easy? Not at all. But for a very real sense of satisfaction in knowing you’re doing what you’re suppose to do at the right time in your life, becoming a disciple of Christ will give you a peace and fulfillment from a choice and decision that you must make. Excuses abound plentifully, no matter what age you are, to prevent one from praying the prayer of discipleship, and yet it all depends on your desire and willingness: are you willing to become humble and forsake all to follow Christ?

Kirk’s scriptures drive home his points and his knowledge in the topic is outstanding. His examples and quotes and expounding pinpoints the problems individuals have, the cost many will have, and the solutions to a life of happiness.

I heartily recommend this book for all serious Christians!

Katherine Harms

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christian said...

What would you say to someone who has had so many layers of pain and anger toward God, in terms of even beginning to allow themselves to be "vulnerable" to God? If they have experienced so many unanswered questions and devastating experiences, where would you suggest they begin with God?

Randy Kirk said...

I think it will be different for different people and for the same person based on the circumstances. But for most it will be about pride. It will be the kind of thinking that says: "I know better than God what should have happened, or how others should have behaved, or what the doctrine must be." Then we withdraw do to pain or hurt or anger as you point out.

God is either God or He isn't. If He is God, He says that everything will always work together for good. If we believe that then we can only conclude that our personal opinion about the circumstances are incorrect.