Saturday, April 16, 2005

Babylon Rising by Tim LaHaye and Greg Dinallo

No offense meant to Jerry Jenkins, but as much as I liked the Left Behind series which he co-authored with Tim LaHaye, it might have been even better with co-author Greg Dinallo. If you like edge of the seat action dramas with a Christian theme, you won't do much better than Babylon Rising.

From the opening page of this thriller, you instantly befriend Michael Murphy, the anthropology prof cum adventurer. All of the major characters in Babylon Rising are three dimensional and memorable. There is even a love interest in this one.

From time-to-time you might be reminded of Indiana Jones as you travel into ancient digs throughout the Middle East, but unlike Indy, Michael Murphy is dealing with prophesy and Biblical themes, and all of the characters are dealing with various levels of belief or unbelief.

Tim LaHaye, mastermind of the Left Behind Series, seems to have a limitless ability to move the Word of God forward. Not everyone knows that his writings go far beyond Left Behind, including what I consider to be the best book available on marital intimacy (read "sex.") See my post on The Act of Marriage. He has written or co-authored at least 22 other books. He is also the founder of what is now the Family Life Today Marriage Conferences, two Christian grade schools, a high school, and a college.

Babylon Rising is 9 on a scale of 10. Available in paperback from Dell.


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