Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Calling All Those Who Love to Read and/or Write

Reading today in "A Way of Escape" by Jerry and Kirsty Newcombe, I realized that I was cheating my readers and myself. I have three major projects that I would very much like to complete, and until I found out through this book that I am prideful and thus unwilling to share the fun and the glory, these projects might have taken years, not to mention that by spending so much time on them, other opportunities would be missed.

So as my first step out of the sin of pridefulness, I am inviting the entire Christian universe to help me. For that I will need anyone who is a big time reader and/or is able to write decent prose.

Project 1: A website that will consist of the top Christian books of the last 105 years. Your opportunity is to submit a review of any length designed to both encourage others to read your top pick, and to promote your pick to top ranking (there will be voting, probably.) And you may send more than one, if you have several that you really appreciate. You will be credited and your URL will be noted and linked. There is at least a possibility that the best might eventually be published in book form. If this happens you will be further credited and your URL noted. Please also send a brief bio with your review.

Project 2: This is similar, but different enough. I have already begun to post reviews of the top book of a particular genre on this site. I am opening the door to your providing me with reviews of the books you feel are the best in any category you wish to dream up. So far catagories have been parenting, marriage, sex in marriage, etc. But I could imagine a catagory as narrow as parenting strong willed teens. Same details as above, although I have no vision of this as a book.

Project 3: Biographies of 20th Century or Modern Christian heroes. Do the research, write a short or long bio (not book length.) Get an interview with them, or if they are with Jesus, see if a spouse, close friend or relative, or co-laborer might do an interview. Complete freedom to do it any way you wish. Again you will get full attribution for any submission. I definately plan this to be hardback at some point. I am not a great editor, but I will offer suggestions for improvements. When any of these projects get to the publishing phase, other editors will be involved, and we will want you to be helpful at that point, if you wish to be part of the book.

So get writing. Pictures will add great flavor, so send those that apply. Send to, or any other email you might already be using to reach me.

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