Monday, August 21, 2006

Muslims Look to Past, Westerners Towards Future

I haven't asked permission to use his name, so I won't, but a very close Muslim (Iranian-American) friend of mine has a couple of theories well worth repeating concering the mid-east mess.

1. For Muslims, Arabs, Turks, even Israelites, the world and politics is viewed through a prism of the past. For America, the world and politics is viewed through a prism of the future. This is almost as difficult a gulf to travers as love of baseball vs love of soccer.

2. It is very hard to negotiate with someone who is more willing to die than you are. You can extrapolate this idea to any kind of negotiation and to any kind of dying. A strong willed child may be more willing to give up all kinds of privileges and to be punished severely rather than give up what they want. The parent may not be willing to sacrifice in any way in order to make certain that they win the battle.

The only way you can win such a battle is by asserting that you will win at any cost because its your job to do so. This is what the President is saying, but the Islamofacists aren't listening, because they believe the American people are not willing to sacrifice as much as may be needed for victory.

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