Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Prediction - Pat Buchanan's New Book Will Change Lots of Minds

The most important book of 2006 will turn out to be Pat Buchanan's new and fearful view of the future of America. He is totally over the top in his anxiety regarding a future where 40% of the population will be of Hispanic origin. The book is already number one on Amazon, and it will sell jillions of copies. Unfortunately, it is also likely to drive a deep wedge between many whites and Spanish speakers or even anyone who looks Hispanic.

Buchanan believes that the Mexican government is purposely exporting its population in order to recover the land it lost to the US. Even if they have an actual goal to do so, which I doubt, I'm not sure the xenophobia is the way to solve the problem.

He also claims that Mexicans and other Hispanics are not assimilating at the same rates as prior immigrant groups. Sorry Pat. In St. Louis, we had the Italian section, the German section, and the Jewish section. I know it was and is true for Chicago, New York and other hoods around the country.

I hope my prediction is wrong, but this type of garbage usually sells and persuades. There is just enough truth to make it seem right. I mean we all know that the Jews control Hollywood, Whites can't jump, and black can't swim. Hopefully, Buchanan will be seen as just another windbag.

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