Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Church of the Blogger

Our little church on the corner, Venice Baptist Church, which for years was known by its sign with witty sayings, viewed by the 1000's passing down Walgrove every day, has now become a hotbed of bloggers. My own entry into the blogosphere was at least partially due to the influence of the very popular Michael Williams. If you haven't visited Master of None, you should.

Through blogger connecting he is now engaged to The Daily Spork whose name I can't reveal or I'll have to kill you. So she now goes to Venice. Her site rose to fame as she was integrally involved in the BTK killer's apprehension and arrest. Her fiance is very strange (which usually accompanies brilliance.) So the future Mrs. is naturally a little offbeat herself. Expect that when you visit The Daily Spork and be willing to give her a couple of reads to "get" her.

Our Youth Pastor Josh, mentioned a few days ago in my post on the emergent church can be seen blogging at Deception in the Church. I believe that he would be a candidate for most comments per visitor in the entire blog world. (half of those are mine) :-)

Our pastor has joined the fun, also, but his stuff is still inside baseball. We'll see if we can't get him going on some other topics soon.

So, if you're a blogger looking to hook up with other believing bloggers, c'mon over to Venice Church of the Blogger.

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