Saturday, June 25, 2005

Time’s A Wastin’

My adorable wife, Pam, is out of town. I have been using every possible moment since she left to write up a storm, create a backlog of articles, keep Warner happy with progress on my book, and research methods for increasing the reach of this blog. My goal is to have more time for her and the boys, and the grown kids, and the grand kids and the friends, and the church when she gets back. Juggling my time can be a real issue. So much to do - So little time.

But last night, I came home and plopped! Just plain did mostly nothing for hours except watch Money Pit for the 10th time, and a sorta funny movie called Office something or the other. Then I read a little National Review and off to bed. I could have written five or ten posts in that time. Nuts!

In my almost six decades I’ve wasted a bunch of time. Yet, by the grace of God I feel like I’ve accomplished a thing or two. How should one go about measuring these things. I’m way too wise to know that I don’t have the answers to that one. But I do have a couple of ideas and a few questions. 1. Good rest and vacations are not time wasters. They are valuable uses of time. 2. Time in prayer is always worth it and will never return void. 3. Working more than 50 hours per week at your occupation on a regular basis is not wise for the company, for you, or for your family. 4. Television is the biggest, most useless time sucking machine of all.

I will return to this subject on another day. Law and Order is on. : )

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