Saturday, November 05, 2005

Democrats Committing Suicide - Not a Pretty Sight

There has to be a death wish going on among Democratic leadership.

1. Columnist Rosa Brooks in the LA Times today adds her name to the list of those who claim we are torturing Al Qaeda top brass that we capture. Not one shred of evidence exists to support that claim. We are keeping these high value prisoners in secret locations, that much we can assume to be true. Why is that a problem. Should we house them someplace in Santa Monica and tell the world they are there. I don't think so.

One wonders why the Left is go gleeful over this outing of super sensitive information that can only harm our effort against international terrorism.

She goes on to compare our treatment of some of the most horrific practitioners of death ever to walk the earth to the treatment of political prisoners at the hands of the communists during the cold war (and now in Cuba and China.) Can someone explain to me how that is morally equivalent.

2. Meanwhile Democratic leadership is ok with the oreoing (new word) of a black conservative running for Governor. Is it only obvious to me that this is not only racially despicable with regard to the candidate getting pelted, but suggests that there is something basically inferior about thinking like a white person.

3. CNN today, in covering the riots in Paris, seems to be looking for every excuse to justify this lawless, anarchistic behavior. The poor "youth" don't have jobs, and feel powerless in a society that hasn't done much to make them feel loved in France. They would probably be getting better treatment if they had a way to kick back some Franks for oil contracts.

4. LA Times entertainment page (aka Editorial page), says this today:

Just the slant, ma'am. Don't bother me with the facts. That seems to be the mantra for right-wing talk and "news" shows on cable TV and the radio.

Oh really! But that's not all folks. They then compare folks like Fox news and the lineup on talk radio to Michael Moore. Sure, we have a couple of odd balls, but the broad brush is just one more example of the Times living on another planet.

If the Dems think this is the way to win back the congress, let them go for it. If it works, pity the nation.

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