Saturday, February 25, 2006

Move Over Powerade. Chocolate Milk for Athletes

Chocolate continue to be all over the news. Health Mags headlines for last month included a chocolate diet. Turns out it was not very much about chocolate, but you can see that chocolate is starting to compete with sex, diets, and gossip as reasons to buy a magazine.

Now, regulars to this site know that I'm dark chocolate fan. The real benefits are found in the high fat, low calorie bits of absolute delight. But this new study opens up a whole other set of possibilities. Fox News Reports

During a 2004 Summer Olympics awash in controversies over steroids and supplements, one sportswriter wryly noticed that top American swimmer Michael Phelps was playing it safe -- he preferred to drink Carnation Instant Breakfast between races.

Now it appears that the six-time gold medalist may have been onto something. A new study shows that plain old chocolate milk may be as good -- or better -- than sports drinks like Gatorade at helping athletes recover from strenuous exercise.

In other words, the study found that after streneous exercise, if you want to bounce back quickly so you can move on to the next sports or other activity, chocolate milk worked at least a well as the best sports drinks and much better than some. I'm sure there will be more studies of this. Stay tuned.

Dark Chocolate

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