Monday, February 27, 2006

Tried Any Spork Lately?

Some sites are interesting. Some profound. There are some that just tickle you. I have my daily reads which provide wisdom and direction to my life. Then there is the Daily Spork.

I'm not sure why I have shared this picture with you. I have no idea what it signifies. It could be a self portrait. A nightmare. A pathology. I went to a lot of work to put it up here. She saved it as a .bmp on her site. I had to figure out how to save it as a .jpg, cause Blogger doesn't like .bmp's.

I suppose the main reason for bring you this art from the early period of Spork is that it so exemplifies the rest of her blog matter. If you find the art intriguing, you should probably go read what else comes from her mind.

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