Monday, August 01, 2005

Practical Advantages of Belief in God - Part 2

As mentioned earlier, I will be posting about 15 or more practical advantages of belief in God. Please don’t imagine that these reasons are in any order of importance. One man’s hope of heaven (#1 below) may be a small issue on his mind, but he may be very concerned about being in bondage.

2. Breaking the Bonds of Sin. In my own efforts at evangelism and in hearing and reading about the efforts of others, the most common objection to following Jesus is: It sounds great, but I just can’t give up _______.(Fill in the blank with drinking, cigarettes, sex outside of marriage, pornography, drugs, food, etc.) Jesus had a discussion with a rich young man who wanted to follow Him. Jesus said he would have to sell all he owned. The man said that was too hard.

Most humans are in bondage to something. In our culture, it may often be material things. However, the list above and many more things of this world are keeping folks from living life to the fullest. Most individuals who are a slave to one of these things may recognize that it is hurting them, their family, their career, or even their health, but they are still loathe to give it up.

When we choose Christ, we are told that we need to become a bond slave to Him, and that we can no longer have any “god” higher than Him. We are forced into a choice. And, after we become believers, we may learn that we are in bondage to other things that we weren’t even aware of. As we learn of these things, God, through the Holy Spirit, gives us the ability to overcome them. However, we do need to make those choices. God never forces us to do anything.

By trusting that there is a Holy God, and that He will provide us with the help we need to overcome sin in our lives, we can become FREE of these disabling sins. No one of sound mind could argue that every human will be better off if their life is not being overtaken by gluttony, sloth, sexual urges, or addictions. We will be physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially better by far.

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