Monday, August 29, 2005

Practical Advantages of Belief in God - Part 13

Those who believe that the world and its people just came into being as a result of some random chance, and that there is no God running things, and that there is no heaven or hell, will be hard pressed to tell you that your life is meaningful. Meaningful to whom? Sure, you can be a good Mom or Dad, sister, brother, friend. You can invent something that will help folks or put people to work. Or you can contribute to your community through charitable activities and such. But at the end of the day, what would be the motivation of acting that way. Would it be more fun, more interesting, more satisfying. Or would a life of thrill seeking, travel, accumulation of wealth and things, wild unlimited sex, or drugs be more fulfilling. Who will you believe? One neighbor might say to be sacrificial for the greatest joy. The neighbor on the other side might say, lets smoke some dope.

13. God provides us with purpose for our lives. First, and foremost, we understand that what we do has an effect on all of creation. One small act on our part can result in the salvation of many or many 100’s of others. Or, our effort on behalf of a hurting human being can be rewarded later in heaven. We know, because the Bible says so, that each of us has been blessed with at least one special gift that can be used to the advantage of the Kingdom of God.

How many people who don’t know God feel purposeless because they feel useless. Anyone who completely trusts God knows God promise in this regard. By communicating with God through prayer and through the Bible, and through the wise counsel of Christian teachers, leaders, and friends, we can come to find the specific things that we are here on earth to do.

Many historians credit the Christian ethic with being the driving force behind the success of the American Experiment. It is this very unique aspect of Jesus teaching that results in the idea that we are here to work. We don’t work only to feed, clothe and house ourselves. In fact, we are to trust God for these things. We are to work because our work showers glory on Jesus. By our works they will know us. By our industry and the way we treat others, those who don’t know Jesus may wish to know more about our savior.

It isn’t an automatic. Once a person comes to Christ, they must continue their effort to know all about Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. Through that effort, their purpose will become known.

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